Applying Payment to Orders Overview

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Payments for orders are handled automatically from a third party market place, or can be entered manually for phone, email, or wholesale orders.
Amazon orders come into the system marked as paid since Amazon handles the payment from the customer completely, whereas  eBay orders are handled by Paypal or other processors. It is possible for eBay orders to initially download as "Unpaid", and have payment applied at a later date. SellerCloud verifies that eBay orders are paid by matching the eBay orders with the corresponding Paypal (or other processors) transaction ID.
As a side note: Unpaid eBay orders will download without the Ship To address. This is because SellerCloud uses the finalized address from the payment record, rather than what is supplied by eBay. When the payment record is pulled in the Ship To address will update.

Add Payment to Order
SellerCloud can record payments, and submit credit and debit card payments for processing. 
When entering the payment, you can change the payment date to reflect an earlier or later date. This is often used when processing a payment paid with a check. 
  • Client setting Allow to enter payment date for Orders must be enabled.
  • The payement date fileds is right under the payment amount field on the Receive Payments page.


  • To receive a cash payment, click on the Action Menu and select Receive Payment. The default field is to accept Cash. Enter amount and click submit. You can select other types of manual payments by clicking on the Payments Type drop-down menu.


  • Select Receive Payments. Select Receive Check
  • Change the payment date if applicable. See above client setting.
  • Enter check number and click Submit
New Credit Card Charge
  • Select Receive Payments. Enter credit card information and click Submit. The charge will be processed. Read about configuring payment gateways to allow credit cards for website or manual orders here.
    • CC Process - used to authorize and capture payment.
    • Post Auth it to capture payment. This action should be used to capture, or process existing authorized payments.
    • CC Auth This action is used to Authorize payments but not to capture.
  • Read sub-page on how to submit a Paypal Invoice for local order. Website orders that are paid through PayPal will be recorded automatically with the PayPal transaction ID. Read about PayPal configuration for website orders here

Other types

  • Set to receive other payment types from the setting page. Open tool box and select Payment Types. Configure to allow desired payments.  

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