Sell on Walmart Drop Ship Overview

The Walmart Drop Ship Vendor program operates as a fulfillment channel, where the merchant dropships the order for Walmart. This means that Walmart will buy products from merchants and market them online at Orders will be forwarded to the merchant. The merchant then ships it to the customer with a Walmart packing slip. 

Apply to become a Walmart Supplier here. Press on the tab on the nav bar.

If you are selling on Walmart Marketplace, please check the information on this page.
Important: Walmart DSV no longer allows new integrations through CommerceHub. All integrations will be done through the API integration.

What You Need to Integrate and Sell on Walmart

  1. Connect to your Walmart DSV account via API following these instructions.
  2. Walmart invoice plugin. Read more here.
  3. Configure Walmart Settings. Read more here.
  4. Configure Walmart Shipping Method Mapping. Read more here.
  5. Update product with Walmart Properties. Read more here.

Seller Account with Walmart - Walmart purchases products through dedicated buyers, so you need to contact Walmart to become an approved seller and establish a connection with a buyer. You would submit a catalog file to the buyer, who then decides what to purchase and negotiates a price. Similar to other fulfillment channels, you do not post items to Walmart from SellerCloud. Rather, SellerCloud is utilized for inventory and order management. 

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