Lightspeed Inventory Management

A few details are required for updating inventory in Lightspeed:

  1. Shop details: There is a field on the Lightspeed General Settings page for your shop name, please make sure its spelled correctly, so the proper information can be pulled.
  2. Lightspeed Employee: You can get this from the employee details URL in Lightspeed
The SellerCloud SKU is the custom SKU in LightSpeed. To communicate re: Inventory, SellerCloud must have the itemID in Lightspeed. There are a few ways to accomplish this:

  1. Manually input the ID in the field on the Lightspeed Properties page.
  2. On the Lightspeed Product Properties page, you can run the action "Get ItemID from Lightspeed".
  3. On the company Lightspeed Settings page (Toolbox > Lightspeed POS > General Settings) you can run the action "Get ItemIDs From Lightspeed". This will request item ids for items that are Lightspeed enabled and do not have a Lightspeed Merchant SKU
If inventory upload is enabled on your Lightspeed settings page, and your LightspeedPOS windows service had been turned on, Inventory will automatically be sent to Lightspeed in the form of an inventory count every hour. 

Products sent:
  1. LightspeedPOS Enabled
  2. Have a LightspeedPOS Merchant SKU
  3. Inventory was updated in the last 12 hours
You can send an count for one item on the items Product Lightspeed POS Properties page with the action "Update Inventory on Lightspeed POS". 

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