Getting eBay inventory quantities from an active listings report Overview

Updated 2 years ago

SellerCloud automatically requests active listings reports from eBay and you can use that report to see the inventory currently listed on eBay. The report is in XML format, making it easy for the computer to read but if you want to view it in Excel you can follow these steps:
  1. Download the report from your SellerCloud account by going to Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > eBay Settings > Large Merchant Service Jobs. Click "Request New Report" and select Active Inventory. When job is completed, click the response link from the grid.
  2. Open the XML file directly in Excel, but if there are variation listings then it won't open easily. Instead you will need to convert the XML file to CSV. This can be done for free at, or downloaded an executable from One advantage to the downloaded executable is that it can handle very large files, beyond the size that is uploadable. See instructions how to use that utility here.
  3. The single XML translates to a group of CSV files. The files Variation.csv and SKUDetails.csv contain the SKU and Quantity values.

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