Updating Walmart Marketplace Integration to Open Authorization

Updated 1 week ago

Walmart requires all users integrate with their Walmart Marketplace accounts using the open authorization token. This can be done in SellerCloud by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Walmart Marketplace general settings page under Settings > company > Toolbox > Walmart Marketplace > General.
  2. From this page, enable the setting "Enable access token based authentication" at the top of the page.
  3. This will cause two new fields to display:
    1. Access token Client Id
    2. Access token Client secret
  4. To retrieve these values, go to the Walmart Dev Center and click on Login. A popup will appear and you will select the US flag for Marketplace Seller Login. You can log in using the same credentials as you do for https://seller.walmart.com.
  5. Upon login, you will be redirected to https://developer.walmart.com/#/generateKey. These are not the API keys you need.
  6. From the top, click on your user and choose the option "Delegate Access".
  7. There will be a dropdown to choose the "Solution Providers supported by Walmart". From this dropdown, select " SellerCloud" and set all dropdowns to either Full Access or View only (if that's the only option).
  8. Once complete, click the "API Key" link and a popup will appear including your new credentials.
  9. Copy these fields and place them into the fields mentioned above (3a and 3b). Then go to Action > Get New Access Token, and save the page.

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