Qty Sold Reports

Updated 2 years ago

There are several quantity sold reports.
These reports do not include qty sold as a component in an independent kit. To get a report on such items, use the Products by Component reports.
  1. Qty Sold By Channel Summary - summarizes qty sold per channel in specified date range.
  2. Qty Sold By Channel Detail - itemized display of qty sold per product per channel in specified date range. 
  3. Qty Sold By Product - Lists products and displays their sold qty in specified date range. Also displays Manufacturer, Purchaser, On Order, Available Qty, Reserved Qty, Physical Qty. Drill down into SKU for sub report itemizing qty sold per shipdate for that particular SKU.
  4. Qty Sold By Product Per Day - Itemized per "Ship Date". Lists all items sold on selected ship date (or date range) with their qty sold per. (e.g. on 4/1 Product X qty sold = 3, Product Y qty sold = 10). Displays sales amount, units sold, and no. of orders.
  5. Qty Sold by Warehouse - Provides info for quantities in all warehouses for each product.

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