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Seller Central's Sponsored Products Ad report - which is available only for sponsored product campaigns - gives you activity information about products that have received at least one impression during your chosen time period. An impression occurs when Amazon shows your product ad to a shopper. Whenever a consumer actually clicks on that product, you pay for that click. The calculation for your click cost is:

Number of clicks x cost per click (CPC) = "Spend."

The Sponsored Products Ad report shows a performance summary for each of your advertised products, so you can compare the performance of your ads and identify areas to optimize. Show me a sample report.

Uploading the product ad data from this report into Sellercloud gives you the ability to analyze your product's performance more effectively since this will be accurately reflected in the P&L of those products.

This process has 2 simple steps:

  1. First, you download the Sponsored Product Ad report from Seller Central.
  2. Second, you upload that report's data into Sellercloud, which automatically adds it to your Profit by Product Summary and Profit by Product Details reports. There, each product's total ad "Spend" amount per product per day appears in the Other Channel Fees column, as shown below.

    In the Profit by Product Summary report - This will be the total spend amount
    In the Profit by Product Details report (shown below) - This will be the per-day spend amount

    Also, notice that the Trans Type column shows this transaction as "Product Ad" to distinguish it from other channel fees of different transaction types:

Downloading the report from Seller Central

  1. Login to SellerCentral.
  2. There are 2 ways to navigate, either:
  • Click Advertising Tab > Campaign Manager > Advertising reports
  • Click Reports > Advertising Reports
  1. Choose the following:
    1. All campaigns field: Select "Sponsored Products"
    2. Report type field: Select "Advertised product"
    3. Report name field: Enter your report name
      1. Report period field: Select a period from the dropdown
      2. Data unit: Select "Daily" (this will show each day individually)

  2. Click Create report.
  3. When finished, click Download.

Show me a sample report.

Uploading the report to Sellercloud

  1. Click your company's Toolbox > Amazon Settings > Upload Report File.
  2. Click Select Report File > find your downloaded Seller Central report.
  3. Once selected, click the Report Type dropdown > choose Sponsored Product Ad Report.
  4. Click Upload Report.

  5. A queued job is created; click the link to open and monitor the import results. When the job is done, the Log section lets you confirm that all records were uploaded.

  6. The next time you run your Profit by Product Summary or Profit by Product Details reports, you will see this data in the appropriate product's Other Channel Fees column.

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