Product Condition / Item Condition

Updated 9 months ago

A product condition is the category name of a product that includes conditions specific to Amazon, eBay,, Newegg, Sears, and Reverb. For example, a condition "New" can include a condition - "Brand New." See the images below as reference.

To configure product conditions:

  1. Select Enable product condition display in the Client Settings.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Product Conditions.
  3. Click Add Product Condition.
  4. Enter the Condition Name and map the marketplace product conditions. You can also add a Condition Note.
  5. Under the Client Setting Enable product condition display that you enabled above is a drop-down to choose a Default Condition. If a product has a different condition than that default condition, you can choose the appropriate condition on the product's home page.
  • To bulk update, use the column header ProductConditionInHouse. You can bulk-update with the Condition Name or Condition ID. 
  • In the Advanced Search tab on the Manage Inventory page, you can filter search results by condition.

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