PrestaShop Integration

Updated 2 years ago

A SellerCloud PHP Plugin will have to be put into your PrestaShop Portal as a Module, you can get the Plugin from SellerCloud Support.

To install the plugin:

  1. Go to Store back end.
  2. Navigate to Modules > Modules.
  3. Click Add New Module. Upload the
  4. Once successfully uploaded, the new module(extension) is added and visible in the list.
  5. Click Install button next to row.

Now enter the API credentials in SellerCloud.

  1. Navigate Settings > Company Settings > ToolBox > Website.
  2. Select General from the sub-menu.
  3. From the Store Type drop down menu select Custom. This will reveal a Store Plugin drop down.
  4. Select the PrestaShop Plugin from the Plugin drop down. (If the plug in is not on the server, itcan be placed on the server by SellerCloud Support.)
  5. Save your Settings.You can come back later to turn on the automatic feeds and set defaults.
  6. Go back to the ToolBox > Website.
  7. Select SellerCloud Plug-In Website. Click on it and select Website Cart General from the sub-menu. The PrestaShop plugin will be selected in the dropdown.
  8. Enter the following PrestaShop information into the corresponding fields.
    • Website URL = Your website URL
    • Employee Email and Password for PrestaShop.
  9. Enable Authentication.
  10. Open the action menu and select Test Settings and click GO.
  11. After your credentials have been verified, save your settings.

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