Sell on NeweggBusiness Overview

Updated 2 years ago

NeweggBusiness is a marketplace dedicated to the US business buyer and focused on small to large businesses, education, and government. It is separate from the regular consumer Newegg marketplace.
Here are some differences related to buying on NeweggBusiness.
  1. Companies are eligible for volume discounts, which are not offered on the consumer website. 
  2. Companies have access to a dedicated Account Manager to answer your questions directly, search for items, ensure availability of items, exceed quantity limitations, etc. 
  3. NeweggBusiness also offers multiple payment options including wire transfer, prepaid check, and Net 30 Terms, which allows customers to defer payment up to 30 days. 
  4. NeweggBusiness can ship with LTL trucking as well to help customers save money on shipping large orders. 
These advantages make NeweggBusiness an attractive market for businesses, and in turn a great opportunity for merchants to market to large-purchase customers. 

To learn more about selling on NeweggBusiness,

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