UnbeatableSale Properties

Updated 2 years ago

The UnbeatableSale Properties is where you can set product attributes unique to UnbeatableSale. 
Currently, unique attributes are:
  • Merchant SKU - Defaults to ProductID but can be edited to map to any SKU on UnbeatableSale 
  • Unbeatable Sales Price - The price you are selling it to UnbeatableSale. The price on the order will switch to the value placed here.
  • Available Inventory
Other attributes sent are taken from Product Home page:
  • Manufacturer
  • ManufacturerSKU (MPN)
  • UPC
  • MAP
  • Product Length
  • Product Height
  • Product Width
  • Product Weight
  • Shipping Weight
  • Ships freight
  • Description
  • Image

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