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FBA Product Labels are 3" x 1" labels that are stickered onto each unit to identify the unit to FBA. While you can generate FBA labels from your Seller Central account, all products in the shipment will print onto an Avery style label sheet. Because the labels are printed next to each other products may be labeled incorrectly.

When printing the labels through SellerCloud, the labels will print onto a strip of labels through a thermal printer, and are grouped by product. Additionally, SellerCloud's FBA labels include the FNSKU and the internal SellerCloud SKU so your shipping department can easily recognize the product. These features help ensure that all products in your shipment will be labeled correctly.The label also prints the product name, condition and a scan-able barcode.You can also add expiration dates for perishables, and serial numbers for luxury items and electronics.

However, if printing with Avery style sheets is preferred see below.

After previewing the FBA Shipment you can print out a label for each unit in the FBA Shipment. Client setting Allow print FBA Product labels even shipment is saved Only controls to allow printing prior to preview.

  1. Open the Action menu and click Print Product Labels.
  2. On the following screen, select the shipments and click the Print Labels button.
  3. A PDF will be generated with the exact quantity needed for units in the shipment, in the required format.

To add an expiration date:

  1. Enable the client setting Enable Expiry date for Amazon FBA shipments.
  2. Open the Action Menu on the FBA shipment and click Prepare Quantity. 
  3. On the following screen, you can enter the SKU or UPC of an item in the shipment or click Find to do a general search of items in the shipment. 
  4. Click on the item's SKU. The screen will refresh to display the SKU in a grid. 
  5. If all units of this SKU have an identical expiration date, enter the quantity of all SKUs in the Prepared QTY Now field.
  6. Select an expiration date from the calendar pop out at the end of the row.
  7. Click Save and Print to print out the labels with the expiration.
  8. You can also save the labels and print them later from the action menu.

To add a serial number record to the shipment:

  1. Open the action menu on the Prepare Quantity page and select Manage Serials.
  2. Select a shipment from the drop down.
  3. Select a prepared product in the shipment from the drop down.
  4. In the text box, enter or scan in the serial numbers for all prepared units. 
  5. Click Save.The serial numbers will be saved as a record to the shipment for reference.

Printing Labels with other formats

The labels described above is SellerCloud's standard FBA Product Label. However, using plugins, the label can be modified. For example, you can print Avery Style sheets with the 30 Per Page FBA Label plugin. If the plug in is not on the Print Product Labels page Action Menu, contact SellerCloud support for it to be placed on your server.

Printing FBA Barcodes

You can Print FBA Barcodes from the Action menu. By default, this will print FNSKU label and the product title for the selected SKUs, one per page. Additional customizations are available via plugins. 

Printing Amazon Shipment ID and Box Name

Amazon Shipment ID and the Box Name can be printed on the label as well if this information is available. This can be enabled by SellerCloud Support (AppSetting PrintFBAProductLabelUsingShipmentNumberAndBoxName ).

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