Tracking Order Costs on a Dropshipped Order

Updated 2 years ago

A dropshipped order can be updated with order costs based on the related PO: 

  1. Client Settings > select Update cost on Order from dropshipped PO > Save.
  2. After dropshipping the order, open the related purchase order.
  3. Enter shipping costs, handling fees, etc.
  4. Save the PO. 
  5. After updating the PO, the order will update with the various costs set in the PO:
  • Item Cost = Vendor Price
  • Shipping Cost = Shipping Total + Shipping Total third party
  • Drop Ship Fee = Small Order Fee + Dropship Fee
  • P&L Adjustment = Tax
There is a separate Client Setting to auto-update item cost with the vendor price only: Enable Track P&L using VendorCost for DropShip PO. When selected, the order will update automatically with the Vendor Price on the related PO. 

Read more about order costs and profit & loss

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