Receiving a PO in ReceiveBridge Overview

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By default, ReceiveBridge opens to the Purchase Order tab. For returns, click the RMA Returns tab.
  1. Click Refresh List at top right to populate the grid. You can also filter by a PO number, SKU/UPC, Vendor, Buyer or Company at the top left of the page. 
  2. Select a PO from the grid and click Scan Purchase Order at the top right of the page. Alternatively, you may click Scan Purchase Order and scan or manually enter the Purchase Order number.
  3. Enter the Product SKU or UPC and the amount of units received in the shipment and click Mark as Received.
  4. A prompt may pop-up to enter the product serial number. This will only occur if that product is set on SellerCloud to ship with a serial number scan.
  5. The quantity value entered will appear in the Qty to be Received field for a final review.
  6. Select a product and click Save Received Data. The Qty to be Received field will empty into the Qty Received field and the PO's status will update.
  7. When an item has been fully received the row will change from orange to green. When an item is only partially received, the row will be colored blue.
  8. The Cross Dock column informs the receiver that this item is back-ordered and has not yet been shipped. Right click on the screen to create a picklist with back-ordered items for shipping.
  9. The FBA Qty column displays quantities that have been reserved for FBA Inbound Shipments.
  10. Close the  PO window and click Refresh List. If a purchase order has been fully received, that order will not appear in the refreshed list.
  11. Refresh SellerCloud and the update will be reflected in the purchase order and inventory.

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