Evine Account Integration

Updated 2 years ago

What you need to integrate and sell on Evine.

  1. Seller account with Evine - Evine purchases products through dedicated buyers, so you need to contact Evine to become an approved seller and establish a connection with a buyer. 
  2. CommerceHub account - To integrate with Evine, you need to open an account with CommerceHub.com, the software used by Evine for document transmission. SellerCloud connects using the EDI via VAN (Liason) connection. You will be assigned a Partner Setup Specialist who will work with SellerCloud Support to integrate your account and get you live on Evine. 

Configure Evine Settings

  1. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Evine > General. 
  2. Populate the following fields: 
    1. Customer ISA Qualifier - ZZ 
    2. Customer ISA ID - Typically, the client's phone number is used as the ID. 
    3. Evines ISA Qualifier - Provided by Commerce Hub 
    4. Evines ISA ID - Provided by Commerce Hub 
    5. FTP Info - Provided by SellerCloud Support. The FTP is a Liason FTP that will be set up by SellerCloud Support 

Configure Evine Shipping Method Mapping

Evine communicates the required shipping method via codes. Mapping the codes ensure that orders are shipped out properly and that Evine will the orders a processed successfully.

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