Buy Shipping Labels from NewEgg

To get the shipping label from NewEgg the order needs to fit specific requirements:

  • The order source should originate from NewEgg
  • NewEgg API must be integrated and active

Orders fitting the requirements will have a new option in the Action Menu - Buy Shipping from Newegg.

  1. Available carriers: UPS and FedEx. The shipping services will autopopulate depending on the carrier.
  2. ShipFromWarehouse can be selected or it will be set by default to the one selected in the order.
  3. ShipFromAddress will autopopulate from the shipping warehouse info. If this information is blank it will use the company address.
  4. Enter the package dimensions - Width, Height, Length, and Weight.
  5. When everything is filled correctly use Submit Shipping Request from the Action Menu.
  6. The shipping request can be Voided, Confirmed and Queried from the Action Menu. Once approved you can pull the packing list and shipping label.

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