Disconnecting Inventory from Channels

Updated 1 year ago

SellerCloud will regularly update your listings according to the current available quantities. 

To disconnect the inventory feed when, for example, you have a different system to update listings, or you're running a daily deal that absolutely cannot oversell:

  1. Open the Client Settings and enable Allow Disconnect Inventory from Channels.
  • On the product level - Open the channel properties page and select Disconnect from Inventory from the Action menu.
  • From the Manage Inventory page - Select products to disconnect and click Action Menu > Disconnect from Inventory. On the following page, open the dropdown and choose which channel to disconnect the inventory > Go, or choose Disconnect from all channels > Go.
  • To bulk-update - Use the column header DisconnectFromInventoryAmazon, for example, and enter True in the column.
  1. After a product is disconnected, a Reconnect option will appear in the Action Menu.
  2. To view items that are disconnected from channels, open the Disconnected Inventory page on the Inventory menu. 

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