Endicia DaZzle Overview

Updated 2 years ago

ShipBridge integrates with DaZzle/Endicia to print USPS labels and forms.  It utilizes Dazzle's XML interface to send the package information to DaZzle which in turn prints a shipping label with appropriate tracking and fee information. 

When ShipBridge processes the xml response it sends the tracking information back to SellerCloud, marks the order as shipped and then updates the appropriate order source with the tracking information. Read here how to integrate ShipBridge with DazZle. 

ShipBridge DaZzle options:

On the USPS Tab, the disk paths of the XML save path and output file paths can be set, but they are already set by default when first installing ShipBridge.

 Maximum wait time for DaZzle output  Controls the timer that checks for the xml response from DaZzle after printing a label. Normally, it just  takes a couple seconds to process a DaZzle shipment, but if it takes longer than the maximum  wait  time,  ShipBridge will assume it failed to print.
 Warn if DaZzle is open ShipBridge requires that the DaZzle layout designer is closed while shipping orders. If DaZzle is open while  ShipBridge sends an XML request it can sometimes cause DaZzle to print multiple  labels.
 Skip unverified address when enabled, will not print labels for orders without validated addresses. 
 Disable clipboard copying Will not allow clipboard copying - the process of using a windows application to copy addresses to DaZzle.
 Use DHL Global via DaZzle Touse DaZle for printing DHL Global labels.
 Insurance requested (when enabled) Select insurance method -  Endicia, USPS, or U-PIC. Configuration for U-PIC is done in DaZzle.
 Disable insurance When checked, will not allow purchase of insurance when shipping via DaZzle.
 Always require delivery confirmation Typically, companies enable delivery confirmation on all USPS orders.
 Always require signature confirmation Typically will only add signature confirmation on specific orders.
 Override default sender Can be used when shipping orders from multiple companies. ShipBridge will populate the return  address  on all the layout files based on the company's address information set up in DaZzle as  opposed to using  the company address in SellerCloud.
 Use cut-off time Automatically postmarks shipments for the next day when printed after a certain hour. It can also be  useful  to postmark orders for a later date if the shipper is working on a Sunday or Postal  Holiday. There  is also  an option to edit the postmark of an individual order from the edit order option in the right click  context  menu in the ShipBridge grid.
 Rubber Stamps Read Rubber Stamps.
 Enable Stealth Postage   Hides the shipping and handling charges on label.



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