Groupon Connect Supply (Groupon Marketplace) Integration Overview

Updated 3 months ago

Groupon Connect Supply is referenced in SellerCloud as Groupon Marketplace. If you are trying to integrate Groupon Goods, click here.

Groupon Connect Supply is an EDI based integration. Although Groupon Connect Supply requires the documents be transferred through Commerce Hub, your account at Commerce Hub can be integrated with SellerCloud, allowing you to manage your inventory and orders from your SellerCloud portal.

  1. The client will need to set up a Commerce Hub account for Groupon. The client will need to provide CH with the ISA Qualifier and ID. See below.
  2. SellerCloud support will open a VAN mailbox for document transfer between SellerCloud and Commerce Hub.
  3. Commerce Hub will provide the client with Groupon ISA Qualifier, ID, and Supplier Warehouse. 
  4. Commerce Hub will provide a FTP for testing and production, as well as testing instructions. (Every integration is  required to be tested individually).
  5. In SellerCloud, navigate Company Settings > Groupon Marketplace. (This menu item may be hidden. It can be revealed under Settings > Enabled Channels.)
  6. Enter the info into their respective fields.
     Customer ISA Qualifier  ZZ
     Customer ISA ID  Typically, the client's phone number is used.
     Groupon Marketplace ISA Qualifier  Provided by Commerce Hub 
     Groupon Marketplace ISA ID  Provided by Commerce Hub 
     Supplier/Warehouse ID  Provided by Commerce Hub 
     Enable Secure FTP (SSH)  Enable this option.
     Groupon Marketplace FTP Server  Provided by Commerce Hub - Test/Production
     Groupon Marketplace FTP User   Provided by Commerce Hub 
     Groupon Marketplace FTP Password  Provided by Commerce Hub 
     FTP Port  22
     Use Passive  Enable this option.
  7. SellerCloud Support will perform the testing of the following documents to be approved by Commerce Hub:
    1. 850 - Order Download
    2. 997 - Functional Acknowledgement
    3. 856 - Order Fulfillment Upload (Tracking)
    4. 846 - Inventory Upload
  8. After testing is complete, automatic controls can be enabled at the bottom of the settings page. Only enable when you are ready to ship. Inventory controls should only when you are certain your inventory is accurate and your products have enabled on the Groupon Marketplace Properties page. If not enabled on the properties page a qty of zero will be sent in the inventory feed.

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