Walmart Marketplace Onboarding/Integration

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For onboarding and integration instructions for Walmart Marketplace Canada, see this page.

When you become approved to sell on Walmart Marketplace, you must complete the account onboarding process in a timely manner.  The first step is to ensure your Walmart Marketplace account is set up properly. To do that, you'll need to set up your personal profile, your company profile, options, and financial settings. Use the Launch Checklist to complete the onboarding and integration process. 

Profile Setup

  1. Log in to
  2. Press the Launch Checklist icon to open the menu. Press Complete your Seller Profile. 
  3. Complete the Seller Profile. Navigate using the tabs at the top of the page. The progress bar at top right tracks your profile readiness. 
  4. Upon completion, mark the item as Complete.

Configure Admin Option

  1. Click on the Settings icon to open the Settings Menu. Scroll down to Administrator Options and select User Management.
  2. Press Add User.
  3. Enter user information and assign a user role.
  4. Review the Closed Categories. If you would like to sell products in that category, press the Request Approval button.

Financial Settings

  1. Press on the Financial Settings item in the settings menu to configure your bank information into which Walmart will deposit your earnings.
  2. You can also download a new W-9 form and upload, if necessary.

Verify your Penny Deposit

About 24 hours after you provide bank information, check your bank account for the deposit of a penny. It should appear as WM Marketplace Penny Test.  If it's there, continue below. If you do not see the deposit within two business days, contact Walmart Marketplace Support. 

  1. Press on Launch Checklist.
  2. Press on Verify Penny Deposit.
  3. After you confirm this deposit, mark Verify your Penny Deposit as Done on the Launch Checklist.

Configure Taxes

  1. Press the Configure Tax item in the Launch Checklist menu.
  2. On the following page, click the name of the state(s) where you have nexus (sufficient physical presence to require collection of sales tax in the state). Some states may have sub-state-level nexus for you to select.
  3. Mark the item as complete.

Connect Accounts

Walmart requires all users integrate with their Walmart Marketplace accounts using the open authorization token. This can be done in SellerCloud by following the steps in this topic.

Test Environment

  1. Complete a test environment by uploading items and completing order tests.
  2. Ready a product for Walmart Marketplace and post it. You must post 100 products in a timely manner.
  3. Complete the orders testing as outlined here. The order processes required to complete the test - shipping, canceling and refunding - can all be done through SellerCloud. Read how here.
  4. Upon completion, mark the Item and Order Testing as Done on the Launch Checklist.

Complete the Integration

  1. Verify that profile is 100% complete.
  2. Verify that all items on Launch Checklist are completed.
  3. Email Seller Center Support requesting permission to go live.
  4. Configure the Walmart Marketplace Shipping Method Mapping. Mark rush order services as necessary.
  5. Upon receiving permission, enable all relevant options on the Walmart Marketplace General Settings page - Inventory, Orders etc.

Learn how to add new products to your SellerCloud account via Walmart Marketplace here.

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