Posting N-Matrix/Variations to eBay

  1. First, you need to configure an n-matrix
  2. Make sure each child is enabled for eBay on its individual properties page. You do not need to get the child ready for eBay.
  3. Go ahead to the eBay Properties of the Matrix Parent. Make sure to fill out the values of the parent in the Properties Page, as the parent is the listed product.
  4. Press on the Manage Matrix Properties above the matrix at the bottom of the page.
  5. The BIN and Fixed Price Qty will default to the values on the childrens' eBay properties pages. 
  6. You can choose to use the matrix parent image, if the variations do not have images. Read more about matrix images here. Thumbnail images on eBay will be created from the Matrix parent images (Description and Supplemental), as well as from the variation image selected on the Matrix Image Manager page. 
    • By default, the first dimension of the matrix will determine which image is sent to eBay used. However, this can be overridden on the Matrix eBay manager page by either selecting a dimension from the action menu, or adding an image manually to the matrix child.
  7. When complete, select List on eBay from the Action Menu on the Matrix Parent's eBay Properties page
  8. When revising listing quantity and price for an n-matrix, use the action Revise All Listings on the action menu.
  9. Keep in mind that once a matrix is posted on eBay you cannot add new variations unless you end the listing and relist the matrix again.

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