FBA Removals

FBA Removal Orders are requests for Amazon ship back FBA inventory to the merchant. While the actual order needs to be placed on Seller Central, the removal order will automatically create a warehouse transfer in SellerCloud which can be received when the shipment arrives at the merchant's warehouse. This workflow allows you to track the movement history of inventory, and even a serial number, rather than simply creating an inventory adjustment to update the received inventory into your warehouse.

Please Note: Amazon provides 2 reports for removals - Removal Order Detail and Removal Order Shipment Detail. 

SellerCloud pulls in the Removal Order Shipment detail only and creates the warehouse transfer from that report.
Many times Amazon will break up one removal order, and ship in multiple shipments. A separate warehouse transfer will be created for each shipment. Because existing removal are included in multiple reports, SellerCloud use the tracking number on the shipment to determine if the shipment is new.
  1. Under Settings > company > Toolbox > Amazon > General Settings, enable "Auto Create FBA removal transfers".
  2. The warehouse transfer will be created with a "Shipped" status (because the transfer is created from the Shipment Report). The Warehouse transfer will be named with the removal order ID.
  3. The Ship From Warehouse will be the FBA warehouse associated with FBA on the company's Channel Warehouse page. This is an non-editable field. See below.
  4. Select the warehouse to which you will be receiving the transfer. 
  5. Make sure the Qty to Receive for each item is correct. Then Set Receive from action menu. 
  6. Add serial numbers to the transfer from the action Menu, if applicable.
Sometimes, Amazon will send the wrong qty in the report and the Warehouse transfer will be created with the erroneous data. To fix the errors, Select "Manual" in the Type dropdown and save. This will open the transfer for manual editing.

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