eBay Listing Defaults

Updated 10 months ago

If you have opted into eBay Business Policies, you should manage your payment and return policy by downloading your policies and assigning them to products. This will be mandatory for sellers who have opted into the Business Policies feature.

Click eBay Settings > eBay Listing Defaults.

eBay requires certain payment options and the return policy to be included on individual listings. On this page you can set the default accepted payment methods and return policy, as well as other listing policy defaults. When a product is posted to eBay from SellerCloud, the information on this page will be applied to the listing. The defaults can be overridden on eBay Properties for a specific product. 

The PayPal email address and return policy are required fields for listing a product to eBay. Please note that the PayPal email address entered here must match the PayPal email address entered on the PayPal setting page. If a different PayPal email is entered here and products are posted, payment will not be applied to the orders for those products.Listing defaults include:

  • PayPal Email Address:
  • Payment Defaults
    • Credit Card via PayPal
    • Immediate Payment Required
    • Money Order/Cashier's Check
    • Personal Check
    • Other / See Item Description
    • Merchant Credit Card: Visa/Master
    • Merchant Credit Card: Discover
    • Merchant Credit Card: American Express
  • Return Policy
    • Returns Accepted
    • Return within
    • Refund Type
    • Return shipping Cost Paid by
    • Return policy details: Test field
    • Re-Stocking Fee:

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