PreSell Quantity

Updated 2 years ago

The "PreSell Quantity" feature enables you to sell inventory that has not yet been received. This option takes the unreceived  inventory that has been ordered on a PO and adds it to the available inventory count included in the inventory feeds. 

For example, product "ABC" has zero available qty. It is added to a PO with an order qty of 100. With the presell option, the available inventory will be 100.  

  • As the inventory is received, the presell qty decreases.  
  • The inventory movement record will show a presell qty with the related PO.   
  • The qty will be included in the physical qty of the product.
  • Once the PO is received or presell is disabled, it should revert back to a normal calculation.
  1. Client setting  - Enable PO Pre-sell quantity.  
  2.  On a PO there will be an option to enable presell.
  3. Enter the PreSell qty. 
  4. Save the PO.

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