Product Shipping Preferences Overview

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Please read first! For information about this function in Sellercloud's original interface, download this file.

In Sellercloud, a number of different shipping preferences can be set per product so that related orders will be processed more efficiently. The product's shipping weight and dimensions as well as the packaging type can be set, so that it loads automatically in ShipBridge while processing orders. You can also enter a note/warning and require the shipper to acknowledge the note before printing the shipping label. Also, company shipping preferences can be set for more general shipping rules.

Setting shipping requirements

You can enter a note/warning and require the shipper to acknowledge the note before printing the shipping label.

  1. To access navigate Product > Toolbox > Shipping Preferences.
  2. Go to the Shipping Requirements window.
  3. Check Require Shipper to Acknowledge Warning.

    sellercloud product shipping preferences shipping requirements window
  4. A text box will reveal where you can enter a note.

    sellercloud product details shipping preferences warning note
  5. When selecting the order in ShipBridge the message will display in the message log below the grid. An Acknowledge button will enable the shipper to acknowledge the messages.

Order of Shipping Method Precedence

  1. The product shipping preferences take precedence over the general shipping rules for standard shipping and over the shipping method requested on the order 
  2. If an order is a rush order, it will not take into account the shipping method set in the product. Instead, it will populate with the shipping method on the order. 
  3. If no method has been selected on the order, it will look at the shipping method mapping for the channel. If there is no method selected there, the system will look at the default setting for Rush Orders in ShipBridge.
  4. With an order comprised of multiple items that are set to different shipping preferences, Sellercloud will ignore the shipping preferences set on the individual products, and will first look to see if there is a  default shipping set at the company level. If not, it will use the default shipping carrier and method that was set in ShipBridge (assuming that you are using ShipBridge to manage your shipping).    
 To bulk update the product preferred carrier and method use column names: ShippingCarrier, ShippingMethod.

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