Non-Partnered Carriers for FBA Inbound Shipments

Updated 6 days ago

For instructions in SellerCloud's original interface, download this PDF file.

Although Amazon gives you the option to ship to FBA using their partnered carrier program (PCP), you can ship using a non-partnered account, such as Fedex, UPS, or another carrier.

Perhaps you would use your preferred carriers if their rates are more cost-effective than the Amazon program, or if you’re shipping hazmat products that aren’t eligible for that program.

Check out this complete tutorial with all the steps to use SellerCloud's FBA inbound shipment wizard to create small parcel, non-partnered FBA inbound shipments!

For everything you need to know about creating FBA inbound shipments - including a detailed description of every field and action on each of the FBA inbound shipment creation wizard's tabs - please see this topic: Introducing FBA Inbound Shipments.

From this introductory topic, you can click into each subsequent topic about each of the wizard's 6 tabs.

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