Amazon Restock Date

Updated 4 months ago

Restock Date can be set for Amazon listings that will allow customers to purchase products that are out of stock but soon will be available.

Restock dates only work when the item has 0 qty.

How to enable Amazon Restock Date

  1. Enable Client Setting:  Enable Re-Stock Date for Products
  2. Go to Settings > Client Settings and enable Send OnOrder quantity to amazon inventory update feed.
  3. Based on your OnOrder quantity, if you have more than zero, it will be added to the inventory update with the restock date included. OnOrder is the quantity that is ordered from the vendor but it is not yet received in your warehouses.
  4. On the Product's Amazon Properties enable ReStock Date Enabled and set the date.

Bulk Update Restock Date

To bulk update the restock date on products you need 2 columns

  • ReStockDateEnabled - set to true to enable.
  • ReStockDate - set the date in the standard date format.

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