DHL eCommerce Integration

Updated 4 months ago

Learn about DHL eCommerce and integrating through Endicia.

To integrate directly with DHL eCommerce:

  1. DHL eCommerce will provide the following credentials:
  • Username (API Username)
  • Client ID (API Client ID)
  • Pickup (Pickup Partner Number)
  • Distribution Center (Origin Distribution Center)
  • Rates Credentials-Client ID and Client Secret (these are provided separately)
  1. In ShipBridge, click the Carriers tab > DHLeC.
  2. Ensure that the Request Save Path and Response Save Path are set to existing and accessible folders. Request should end with DHLeCAPI-Save, and Response is usually DHLeCAPI-Out. 
  3. Enter the credentials provided by DHL eCommerce.
  4. Click Test Credentials to verify.
  5. Click Generate certification files.
  6. Completing the integration for international orders requires these extra steps:
    1. Create a test order.
    2. Click Ship and Print Labels.
    3. In ShipBridge, click Menu > End of Day> DHLeC.
    4. Click OK to proceed and generate the form.

Once done, DHL eCommerce will process the files and you will be notified when the account is active.

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