Import Customer Accounts

Updated 1 year ago

Of particular importance to wholesalers is the ability to import lists of customers and their addresses, and mark them as wholesale customers.

  1. Click Customers > Import Customers
  2. Select a file type and download the template. 
  3. The template includes contact and Bill To information, Tax ID, and to mark the customer as wholesale by entering 1 or True in that column. 
  4. You can also mark the customer as tax exempt (value = True/False) and include them in an existing User Group.
  5. Fill in the First and Last name (required for non-wholesale customers). If marked as wholesale, Business Name is required.
  6. The column Allow Shipping UnPaid Orders is set to false by default. If set to True, it will allow unpaid orders to be shipped for this customer.
  7. Save and import.


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