Ship From Address

The Ship From Address of an order is important because it is used for shipping cost calculation. By default, the "Ship From" address on the label will be pulled from the profile of the company on the order. To change the address on the company profile go to Settings>Select the Company and change it there. When done hit save. 

However, if you need a different Ship From Address on the label you have two options to override it.
  • Channel Company Profile - This allows you to set different "Ship From" addresses based on the originating channel. Read more here
  • ShipBridge setting "Use Warehouse Address" - This setting is located in Menu>Options>Shipping. It will use the address set on the ship from warehouse profile page. To chang this go to Settings>Warehouses>Select a Warehouse and then change the address there. By default, the Default warehouse is the Ship From warehouse. However, you can set up "Location and Stations" to ship from other warehouses. Read more here.

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