Scheduling with the Listing Scheduler

With the Listing Scheduler, you can create an auction campaign where a product (or products) is listed multiple times. The concept of the Listing Scheduler is to create campaigns easily by means of a campaign template.

As with any scheduled auction, the goal is to target a specific audience. For example, if you sell insomnia supplements, you would schedule that campaign for after midnight hours (so that the auction ends after midnight) to target when insomnia sufferers are most likely to go online looking for some help.

Creating a new campaign with the Listing Scheduler is a 2 step process: 

  1. Under Settings click Listing Campaigns.

      • A distribution chart will appear. The chart is divided into seven days with each day being divided into eight - 3 hour - blocks of time beginning at midnight. As of now, the chart allows you to choose between all three formats but that will change because eBay only allows 1 listing per product in the fixed price or BIN formats. 
      • Check the Default Campaign box if applicable.
      • Enter the number of auctions you want into a time slot. For example, 1 after midnight. (It's best to keep the number low, even at 1) Continue for all time slots that are appropriate for this campaign.
      • Save campaign.
  2. Under Inventory, open a product you want to include in a campaign. (Inventory > Manage Inventory > Select Product > Toolbox > Listing Schedule.)

    • Add products when campaigning more than one product.
    • Enter start and end dates.
    • Enter number of listings. When completed, you will see the total number of listing for products that you want throughout that time spread. You can edit the number of listings per product by clicking on the Edit tab in the product box.
    • Check the Auto calculate listings based on formula box.
    • Find the campaign under the product box and click Change to select a campaign. Select a campaign and SellerCloud will calculate listings based on the selected campaign. This is complicated but simply put, SellerCloud will apply the percentage of distribution in the selected campaign to distribute the listings in this campaign.
    • Click Approve from the Action Menu. This must be done in order to proceed.
    • Now click the Generate Campaign Listing button.

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