Amazon Oversize Items - Product Size Tiers

Updated 5 months ago

Inventory you send to Amazon may be split into multiple shipments. Typically, oversize packaged units will be split from standard-size items into separate shipments. (Amazon also uses the size to determine shipping charges.) A unit with the following package weight and dimensions is standard size:

  • 20 lbs. or less
  • 18 inches or less on its longest side (A)
  • 14 inches or less on its median side (B)
  • 8 inches or less on its shortest side (C)

A unit exceeding any of these measurements is considered oversize.

In SellerCloud, the status of the package size is calculated based on the ship weight and dimensions. The status is noted on the Amazon Properties's Package Size field with values "Big" or "Small."

Learn more about Amazon's product size tiers.

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