Order Payment Status

Updated 2 years ago

Every order has a payment status. It represents the payment status of the order from the perspective of the customer that purchased the item. It doesn't necessarily correspond to whether the merchant actually received payment yet. For example, with a typical eBay order the customer will pay via Paypal and the funds will be available immediately. For a Sears order, however, the order will be marked as paid immediately but the funds will not be dispersed until the end of the month.
The different order payment statuses are:
  • No Payment - meaning no payment has been received.  
  • Authorized - meaning that a credit card was authorized but the payment wasn't captured yet.
  • UnCleared - meaning that an echeck hasn't cleared yet
  • EbayPaid - When the customer made a payment that wasn't processed through the seller's PayPal account, SellerCloud cannot receive confirmation from PayPal that the order was paid, as is usually done. The order will come in from eBay as Ebay paid.
  • Charged - means paid
  • Partial Payment
  • Partial Refund
  • Full Refund
  • Payment Error

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