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Users who require certain actions to be restricted can lock certain shipping related actions with an administrative password called a security pin.

To set the security pin and specify the actions that you want to restrict: 
  1. Hover over the Settings tab and select Company Settings from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Click on the company that you want apply the shipping restrictions to. 
  3. Open the Toolbox menu and click on Shipping.

Locate the field labeled Security Pin, and enter a security code, and select from available restrictions. If no code is entered, no pin will be required for any actions applied in ShipBridge. 

Security Pin requirements
Security codes must be 4-8 numeric characters.

Available Restrictions
Lock Options - when enabled this requires entry of the Security Pin to modify any setting in the options menus
Lock "Unship" action -  when enabled this requires entry of the Security Pin to unship any orders that have been shipped from the ShipBridge grid and menus
Lock "Fully Shipped" tab - when enabled this requires entry of the Security Pin to access the Fully Shipped" tab on the ShipBridge grid

Note: Security Pin and related restrictions applied on a per company basis, so if you are managing multiple companies with varying levels of security then these settings will have to be set for each company respectively.


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