Sales Rep Commission

The Sales Rep Commission report can be used to calculate the commission of a salesman. Salesman can be added to a manually created order.

There are 2 salesman related fields used in the report:
Salesman Commission - A percentage set per employee. The salesman profit is calculated against the order profit
  • Example, lets say that the commission rate is 5%. If the order total is $200 with a profit of $100 then the commission = $5 
Salesman Commission is set on the Employee General Setting page under the Employee tab.

Salesman Cost - Some business add a percentage to the purchasing cost of an item to account for external costs such as warehousing fees etc.. This added percentage is calculated to create a special Salesman Cost. The salesman cost will be used in calculating the salesman commission. 
  • Example, lets say that the commission rate is 5% and Salesman Cost is 4%. If the order total is $200 and the item cost is $100, that should equal a profit of $100. However, the salesman cost adds 4% to the item         cost = $104. Therefore, the profit is adjusted to $96 and commission now = $4.
Salesman cost is a global setting in the Client Settings - Enable Salesman Cost _____ 

The report shows commission per transaction separately (debit and credits)

Profit = (Payments - ShippingTotal - HandlingFee - Insurance -.GiftWrapCharge - Tax - Refunds) - ((ItemsCost * @salesmancostPercent) + ItemsCost) 
SalesMan Profit =  If there is only one sales rep on order: Profit (above) *  SalesmanCommission (from employee record). If there are 2 sales reps on the order, the same equation is applied and the salesman profit is divided in half. 
  • Please note: To allow multiple sales reps on an order, enable client setting Enable Multiple Sales Reps. Sales reps and their unique commission rates can be configured in the Sales Representatives page (Order Detail > Action Menu).

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