Customer Groups

Updated 2 years ago

Customers groups can be created to help organize and filter your customer list.
  1. Press the Customer tab.
  2. Select customers from the list.
  3. Select Add to Group from the action menu. Press GO.
  4. On the following page, select Existing Group and select a group from dropdown, or select New Group and create new group.
  5. Press the Add to Group button.
  • On the Customer tab, customer can be filtered by groups using the "User Group" drop down.
  • On the customer's General Page, the group(s) that the customer is part of will be noted.
  • View and manage existing groups from the Customer menu item "User Groups".

Add Customers to Groups in Bulk

New and existing customers can be added to user groups in bulk useing the Import Customers template  - Customer > Import Customers.  The customer group name must exist in SellerCloud before importing.

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