Refunding Orders

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Note: Refunding orders works only for unshipped orders. Orders that are already shipped should be handled through RMA, from which a refund can be done if needed.

If you are issuing a partial, or even full, refund but still plan to ship the item, you need to check the Add the Refund as a Discount to the Order checkbox. This is because, for non-wholesale customers,  you are unable to ship without full payment being received.

Refund a Local Order

  1. Open the Order Page and select Refund Payment from the Action Menu and click GO.
  2. Select a refund method from the action menu on Manage Payment page. 
  3. Click Submit.
If the order has not been shipped (or can still be set to unshipped) and you wish to partially (or fully) refund payment as compensation for delayed delivery, you will need to enter the refunded amount as a discount in the order. Otherwise, the system will see the order as only partially paid and will not allow shipping. 

Refund an Amazon Order

If an Amazon order has been ship confirmed: (If the order has not yet been shipped, you'll need to cancel the order)
  1. Action Menu - Issue Refund.
  2. That action will take you to a page where you can confirm the amount being refunded. Line item refunds and partial refunds are allowed, just like on SellerCentral. 
  3. Select a Refund reason.
  4. SellerCloud submits this refund information via Amazon's API and also adjusts the payment status of the order.
  5. After the refund has been processed, Amazon will refund the commission.

Refund a Order

  1. Same as

Refund a NewEgg Order

  1. Same as

Refund a Sears Order

  1. On the order detail page select Issue Refund from the Action menu. Press Go.
  2. Enter the refund amount. Defaults to order subtotal. Although Sears does not refund line items, partial refunds on the order are accepted.
  3. Enter a reason for the refund and press Continue.
  4. After the refund has been processed, Sears will refund the commission on the next settlement.

Refund an eBay Order 

Refunding an eBay order is a two step process: Opening a dispute to get a commission refund, and refunding the order.
  1. On the Order Detail page, open Action Menu and select Open/Manage Dispute.  
  2. Select "Buyer and I have agreed not to complete the transaction". Another dropdown will display.
  3. Select "Buyer has returned or will return the item for a refund".
  4. Press open dispute. When the dispute is settled, eBay will refund the commission to you.
  5. Adjust the commission amount on the order by clicking on the commission value in the P&L tab and editing the amount to zero in the pop up window. 
  6. Adjust the transaction fee amount on the order by clicking on the fee value in the P&L tab and editing the amount to zero in the pop up window. 
  7. On Order Detail page open Action Menu and select Refund  Payment. 
  8. The regular Manage Payments page opens, where you will need to select a refund method. The refund method must match the payment method. 
  9. Enter a refund amount and click Submit. 
  10. When the payment was made through PayPal, a refund will likewise be generated through PayPal.

Refunds for payments made through Paypal

Refunds for PayPal payments can only be made withing 180 days from when the payment was processed. After 180 days you will need to refund directly from your PayPal account. Additionally, if the payment was made with a coupon or gift certificate, you will be able to issue a Full Refund only, not a partial refund. Read more about PayPal's refund policies here.

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