Asendia Account Integration

Updated 10 months ago

After signing up with Asendia USA, follow the steps below to integrate and print Asendia labels from ShipBridge. Integration includes printing test labels for approval.

  1. The customer or SellerCloud Support representative will receive the services from Asendia that must be enabled and for international service.
  2. In ShipBridge, click Menu > Customize Interface > Shipping Service tab. See Image 1.
  3. Select the services that are enabled on your Asendia account. See Image 2.
  4. When ready to print labels to send to Asendia for approval, go to Menu > Options > Carriers > Intl Consolidator
  5. Select "Asendia" from the dropdown and enter the values in the blank fields (see Image 3):
  • Username and Password - customer login credentials to the Asendia FTP
  • Account Number - account number assigned by Asendia USA
  • Company Name - name of company contracted to Asendia USA
  • Registration Number - for some specific services and/or countries, a registration number may be required (typically not needed)
  • Facility - facility you will be shipping to: ORD/ LAX/PHL (default)
  • IPA Range - range of tracking numbers for IPA (Asendia supplies the ranges, which must be updated as needed)
  1. Configure the label printer for Asendia services. Learn more here.
  2. After shipping and printing labels, submit a Manifest/E.O.D. for approval. 
  3. Open Menu > End of Day > click on Asendia to see window that shows date and the number of items (labels). See Image 4.
  4. Click Close Out and Upload. The EOD will be sent to Asendia FTP site for approval. 
  5. Upon approval, print labels by selecting the Asendia service in the order row.

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