Wholesale Customers

 Wholesale customers can be managed under the Customers tab. Locate the customer and configure the following settings.
  1. Mark customer as Wholesale Customer - to auto mark orders from the customer as wholesale.
  2. Allow Shipping unpaid orders - to allow order to be shipped without payment, as wholesale customer pay periodically.
  3. Tax exempt - Mark as tax exempt to prevent applying tax from local order.
  4. Configure wholesale pricing options - Per product, pricing calculations, discounts, shipping totals.
  5. Configure credit terms and limits.
  6. Configure default shipping options.
  7. Track Orders - Wholesale orders can be filtered on the Manage Orders grid. Orders are also saved on the customer level.
  8. Per Customer Invoice Selection - Invoices can be created for specific customers through an invoice plugin. 

Wholesale Orders 

  1. Allow Wholesale orders to ship without payment - per customer
  2. Profit and Loss - Client Setting - Consider WholeSale Order as Paid when calculating P&L
  3. Client Setting - Default WholeSale Warehouse when creating new order - sets the warehouse from which to deduct inventory when creating wholesale orders.
  4. Client Setting - Allow to create over Credit Limit WholeSale orders.
  5. Client Setting - Stop Calculating Taxes for WholeSale orders.
  6. Client Setting - Consider item Cost Rebates for Wholesale Customers.
  7. Client Setting - Enable Wholesale Options in Manage Orders Action Menu - Adds the actions -  Set As Quote, Add to Credit Memo, Generate Statement of Accounts
  8. Apply payment to wholesale orders in bulk - Receive check payment to be applied to multiple orders.
  9. Import orders - Import wholesale orders with file upload.

Wholesale Products

  1. Wholesale Price - Set a default wholesale price. Also create per-customer pricing and discounts.
  2. Require Wholesale price to be greater than set percentage of Site Cost - Client setting  Validate Selling Price is greater than ________
  3. Display Wholesale Price in Manage Inventory

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