Updating/Editing Amazon Listings

Updated 2 years ago

While SellerCloud sends automatic updates periodically for inventory, you can update a listing price, quantity, or other Amazon attributes manually as well. 
Please note: There is no automatic feed for pricing updates. Pricing updates need to be done manually.  

How to do updates

From the Amazon Properties page:
  • Press Update Inventory on Amazon from the Action Menu. 
  • Press Update Amazon Price from the Action Menu.
  • Press Post Product to Amazon(PartialUpdate) from the Action Menu when updating descriptions and other product attributes. When using this action Amazon will then only update information that is contained in the sent document (depending on whether you have editing permissions) but will not delete existing information that is not contained in the document. This is very important for customers who create their own ASINs on Amazon and therefore are more likely to have editing rights to the listing. Read more about Page Ownership and Page Detail Controls for Amazon here
From the Manage Inventory page:
  • Press Update Inventory on Channel from the Action Menu. On the following page, select Amazon and press Continue.
  • Press Update Price on Channel from the Action Menu. On the following page, select Amazon and press Continue.
  • The Launch on Channel Action (select Amazon and Continue) will send an update document for all other properties, but it may delete product information on Amazon that has not been included on the document. See above about Page Ownership. 

Viewing Products that are listed on Amazon

View your Amazon listings on the Manage Inventory page > Advanced Filters. In the Amazon dropdown select Posted and Active to see products that are currently active on Amazon. Be aware that the search results return listings that are on the Amazon Active Listing Report. SellerCloud periodically runs a service that looks at products on the reports and marks them as Posted and Active etc.. Therefore, you may have products that have been recently posted but will not be included in the Posted and Active search results.

Editing Amazon properties on multiple products from the Manage Inventory grid

Set the Manage Inventory page to Amazon Mode by open the Advanced Search tab and selecting Amazon from the Mode drop down. Then you will be able to perform the following actions:
  • To edit listings individually from the Manage Inventory page, click Edit Values on the Action Menu. This will "open" many fields to be edited. Save and click Update Inventory on Amazon.
  • To edit Amazon specific details individually, like ASIN, price, and condition, select Edit Amazon Details on the Action Menu and GO
  • To bulk edit multiple Amazon listings , select products and click Bulk Edit on the Action Menu. A page will open where you can edit selected products.   

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