FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS)

Updated 2 months ago

2/20/19 - This feature is currently not functional, so this topic will be published when the feature becomes available. 

FIMS labels can be printed from ShipBridge.
  1. Navigate Menu > Options > FedEx.
  2. Configure regular FedEx credentials.
  3. Check the Enable FedEx International Mail (FIMS) option.
  4. Press the Configure FedEx International Mail button.
  5. Configure options. You do not need to enter your FIMS account number. 
  6. A tracking number range needs to be issued to the customer from FIMS. Enter the tracking ranges for registered mail and for Parcel. These ranges will need to be replenished as the tracking numbers are used. You can enabled a warning when tracking numbers are depleted to a set level.
  7. When shipping the order, select FedEx International Mail as the shipping carrier. 

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