Managing Rebates

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SellerCloud can manage the rebates you offer to customers and rebates offered to you by vendors. 

Rebates are set at the product level:
  1. Inventory > Product > Toolbox > Rebates.
  2. In the Rebate Amount field, enter the rebate amount you are offering to the customer. The rebate will deduct from the current price and revise the sale price on all channels like a regular discount. However, the rebate will not change the site price in SellerCloud, so orders created manually will not reflect the rebate automatically. The rebate can be entered as a discount to the order.
  3. In the Deduct from Item Cost field, enter the rebate amount the vendor is offering you. It could be a dollar value or percentage of the item cost.
  4. Start and End dates are required. It's important to note that the end date refers to the beginning of the specified end date at 12:00 AM, not at the conclusion of the end date at 11:59 PM. The date range will be applied to the rebate you are offering the customer, and to the rebate you are receiving from the vendor.
Rebates can also be set in bulk:
  1. Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Rebates.
  2. Download the sample template. The template includes column headers referencing all fields on the Rebates page. The next two rows define the column header and indicate the required columns. After entering the rebate information, delete these two rows before saving the template.
  3. Select your rebate file and click Import Rebates to update the products.

Rebates can also be created through SellerCloud's web services. If you generate rebates through a software application, you can use SellerCloud's API to import the rebates into SellerCloud.

For the rebates to affect pricing as well as profit and loss calculations, you must ensure that the following relevant Client Settings are enabled: 

  • Enable Rebate based Discounts for Channels
  • Do not post rebates on Magento via Rebate Service
  • Apply Rebates of Parent to Shadows
  • Include Rebate in P&L for Orders - Includes the vendor rebates in the profit and loss calculation on the order
  • Consider Item Cost Rebates for Wholesale Customers - Typically, rebates are issued for retail customers only so if you want rebates to apply for wholesale orders, enable this client setting
  • Include Rebate from Kit Parent

Rebates are included in these Transaction reports

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