Jet Attributes

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Jet Attributes are item details that provide more information about the product. Similar to eBay Item Specifics, these fields are category based selections provided by Jet.
Generally, Jet attributes are not required. However, when posting a variation the variation attributes must be selected on the individual matrix children. Additionally, some non-matrix listings may also require certain attributes. 

Select Jet Attributes

  1. After selecting a category, Jet attributes can be added by pressing the Manage Attributes link at the top right of the Jet Properties page.
  2. Select values where provided and add info where applicable.
  3. Save.

Import Jet Attributes

Jet attributes can be imported in bulk for multiple products. The easiest way to do this is to export your products pre-populated with the attribute names.
  1. Products must already have Jet categories (attributes are category specific).
  2. From Manage Inventory page, select products and Export Jet Attributes from Action menu.
  3. Populate attribute columns with values. Please note, some attributes are free text while others require you to use a Jet value.
  4. Save file.
  5. Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info >  Import Jet Attributes. 
  6. Import file. An empty template can be downloaded from here as well.
Please Note: The attached Jet taxonomy file can be uploaded manually onto your server by SellerCloud Support. Then, enable the Jet company setting Use Use Local Taxonomy to display the uploaded attributes. This was added when Jet experienced difficulties with their API for attributes. That has since been resolved.


Jet Taxonomy.xlsx

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