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Updated 11 months ago

Saved Searches Tutorial

You can save all searches of orders, inventory, pick-lists, RMA, FBA Inbound Shipments etc., for future searches. For example, to save a search for today's orders, open the Advanced Search tab and select Today from the Order Date Range filter.  Next, click Save Search As on the Action menu and give the search a name.

If you need to search by parameters that do not have filters, SellerCloud's development team can create a custom Saved Search; for example, a saved search for items that sold more than five in the last 24 hours. 

You can manage saved searches for orders from the Saved Search tab on the Orders menu. Saved searches for inventory can be managed from the Saved Search tab on the Inventory menu. 

You also can save your searches to the dashboard for easier access and to show the count of the saved search; for example,  Unknown Products = 17.  The Client Setting Show saved searches on dashboard must be enabled. A separate client setting, Enable click to show Saved searches counts on home page, will allow you to refresh the counts upon clicking the Refresh button:
Saved searches are user-based, so that each user can only access their own saved searches. However, you can copy a saved search from one user to another user:
  1. On the Inventory or Orders menus, click Saved Searches.
  2. Click the Copy from Other User hyperlink. 
  3. Select a User and a Saved Search type and press Show Saved Searches. The saved searches of that user will display in the grid.
  4. Select a saved search and press the Copy Saved Searches button.

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