Product Pricing In POSBridge

Updated 3 months ago

The POSBridge application has been deprecated by SellerCloud and is no longer supported.

Often merchants will charge a more competitive price on online Marketplace, but set a higher in-store price. With SellerCloud you can manage a store prices separately from the online prices.

  1. On the product home page there are several price fields:
    • Site Price - This is your default price used for website and online sales channels. While each channel defaults to this price you can set channel specific pricing as well. Read more here.
    • List Price  - This field is typically populated with MSRP.
    • Local Store Price - A store price can be set in this field to be used in POSBridge.
  2. In POSBridge under Settings > General set the Product Sale Price Mode dropdown to map to the desired price filed in SellerCloud - Site Price, List Price, or Local Store Price.

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