Image Hosting Settings

Product images can be hosted from within SellerCloud so that the images can be viewed on eBay or submitted to other channels like Amazon, Sears etc. 
If a standalone installation of SellerCloud is on a secure LAN, and not accessible to the web, 3rd party image hosting is needed. For example, if SellerCloud is only accessible from a local network address -  - the images stored in SellerCloud are not viewable by customers on eBay, and can't be submitted to feeds. By using eBay's image hosting options, SellerCloud posts the images to the eBay listing and can include those same images in the content of the HTML listing description. The eBay image urls appear in a format like:
Note: Although sometimes people will make their LAN applications accessible via non-standard ports like port 81 instead of port 80, channels like Amazon will not accept image urls with these non-standard port numbers. That is why it is necessary to use 3rd party image hosting when operating on a secure LAN.

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