Posting Products to Overview

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Products must be Ready and Enabled in order to post on

Required information

The products need to have selected:

  1. Wish Title
  2. Brand/Manufacturer - set on the product summary page.
  3. UPC - set on the product summary page.
  4. Short Description - set on the product summary page.
  5. Wish Price
  6. Product Tags - 3 at minimum
  7. Shipping

Matrix Products

Wish allows posting matrix products.  List all variations and Wish will attach them to the matrix parent.

Wish limits variation options to color and size. Colors must be on's List of Accepted Colors, and sizes must be on their List of Accepted Sizes or follow these rules: 

  • Can be a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, and numbers
  • Must be a maximum of 50 characters long
  • Can contain the following special characters: . - & ' " ( ) [ ]
  • e.g. Hardcover, Cookies & Cream, 12-Pack

Posting Products

  1.  Posting Individually from the Wish Properties Page - Open the Action Menu, select Post on Wish and Go.
  2. Launching Multiple Products from Manage Inventory PageSelect Products > Action menu > Launch on Channel > Go > select Wish > Continue.


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