Selling on International Marketplaces

Updated 2 years ago

While your company may be set as a U.S. company with U.S. currency, you can sell in international market places in the local currency, and configure the product descriptions in the local language.

  1. Create child companies with international credentials. For example, if your company is "My Company," create another company called "My Company UK."  
  2. On the My Company UK profile, choose the Country Code UK and choose GBP (Sterling) in the Currency field. 
  3. Under Company Settings > Default Company (My Company), open the toolbox and click Int'l Marketplace Preferences.  
  4. In the UK dropdown field, choose your UK company and check the Auto Convert Price and Translate Product boxes. 
  5. Click Queue Shadow Creation/Updation and Save. This action automatically creates shadow SKUs of all products for the UK company. The products will be priced in GBP currency according to the daily conversion rate (one-time conversion) and described in British English. Because they are shadow SKUs, they share inventory with the parent U.S. company, so there is no risk of overselling. Read more about shadow products
  6. Currency conversions can be done on a product's home page. 
  7. To bulk-convert currency to multiple selected SKUs, choose the Client Setting Enable convert currencies in bulk.  The Convert Currency action will be available on the Manage Inventory page.
  8. To update the currencies conversion rate for all products in the international company, queue the Shadow Creation/Updation as above.  


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