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SellerCloud can be set up to host images of your products and to send those images to websites while publishing your catalog as needed.

For example, if you upload an image into SellerCloud for product X, it will automatically be used when publishing product X to eBay, Sears and Magento. 

Product images can be classified as:

These images can be brought into SellerCloud in several ways: 

Image Manager

From the product detail page, you can browse to the product-specific Image Manager and upload images to the product. Upload a product into the Image Manager panel by clicking “View All” in the panel. In the Image Manager, upload the image file and complete the fields as desired.


This lets you drag and drop images using SellerCloud's own desktop tool, ImageBridge.

Import images with file upload

There are 2 ways to import images with a file:

  1. Use the Bulk Update Products tool
  2. Use the Import Product Images page under Inventory > Import Product Info. Here, download the template, enter the URL into the FileName column, and use the other columns to set the image placement. 

To prevent overwriting existing images that have the same product image URL on the file but are actually two different images (meaning, the image was replaced at the source, but you want to keep the old image on the product) enable the Client Setting Do not overwrite existing image in bulk upload.

  • Sample image URL
  • The image path must be accessible to public view for SellerCloud to "pull' the image from the image path. A local PC or Network is typically closed to the public, so their image path should not be used. You can use an image-hosting solution like Dropbox to store and organize your images, and copy the image URL from Dropbox. 
    • Sample image URL from Dropbox, when 'public folder' is enabled on the Dropbox account:<user id>/imagename.jpg
  • Copy and paste the image path into your browser. If an image displays, the image path is acceptable.

Pull images URL via the SellerCloud API

You can pull the main image URL using the SellerCloud API service: GetAbbreviatedProductInfo. More information can be found on our API documentation.

Delete images in bulk

You may want to delete product images, and this can easily be done in bulk as follows:

  1. Go to Manage Inventory page and select all desired items to delete images.
  2. Click Action Menu > Export Product Images > Go. An image export job will be scheduled; click the queued job # to open the Job Details.
  3. When the job is done, click the output file to open the populated template. This contains all the necessary product info.
  4. Add a new column at far right called _ACTION_ and enter DELETE in all rows under the new _ACTION_ column.
  5. Save the file for importing.
  6. Go to Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Image Info.
  7. Choose your saved file and click Import Product Images.

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