Post Detailed Purchase Orders to QuickBooks

Posting purchase orders in detail will post all PO information including new items, qty, vendor info and costs. Credit memos for POs will also export to QuickBooks in this module.

Posting purchase orders to Quickbooks

  1. Ensure that QuickBooks is open and running on the same computer as QuickBridge.
  2. Select QuickBooks from the menu bar.
  3. Select Post Detailed Purchase Orders to QuickBooks
  4. Select the appropriate dates and click the Get Purchase Orders button. The grid will populate with purchase orders that have not yet been exported to QuickBooks.
The Channel filter will only offer channel selections when there are orders from that channel in the specified date range.
  1. The PO Type column will specify the line item's type - PO or Credit Memo.
  2. Click Post Purchases to QuickBooks and await confirmation.
  3. POs will be marked as Exported in SellerCloud to prevent them from exporting again. The PO will reappear in QuickBridge. The Client Setting EnableQuickBooksWorkFlow must be enabled.

Purchase order data in QuickBooks

  • Vendors - New vendor accounts are created as POs are exported. Existing accounts are updated.
  • Products and inventory - New products and their inventory quantities are entered into Items and Services. Existing products are updated.
  • Account balance  - Vendors accounts are updated to reflect outstanding balances. POs are created as a bill to be paid.
Inventory on all POs imported into QuickBooks is considered "Received." This ensures that SellerCloud will accurately manage inventory, with QuickBooks handling the accounting.
Purchase orders must have a cost value of greater than zero for every item in order to export to QuickBridge.  

Editing an exported PO

You can easily edit any PO that has already been exported by first setting its status to Unexported and then updating it. Here's how:

  1. Click Inventory > Purchasing.
  2. Enter the PO in the PO # field > Search.
  3. Select the PO > click Action Menu > Set QB UnExported > Go
  4. Edit the PO as needed.
  5. When done, you have 2 choices:
  • Export the PO to QuickBooks again, but first ensure the original PO has been deleted to avoid duplicates
  • Edit the PO manually in QuickBooks, and then mark the SellerCloud PO as exported by selecting it as above > click Action Menu > Set QBExport > Go

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